The Courthouse Creatives Create a Courthouse

Posted: December 8, 2016

In just a little over one week we’ll be celebrating our 5th annual Winter Solstice Open House! Each of us in the office will be cooking up chili and sooo many loaves of bread for all our friends, clients, and families to come and partake in under the big dome of the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse. Tin Man will also be here serving up some local brew. It’s a special time for everyone to get together and for us to show some appreciation for all of you.

This year, we constructed a fun little invitation. The idea came about from us girls in the office (Marion, Sam, and myself) wanting to construct a gingerbread courthouse for the Aurora Gingerbread Competition. We were psyched to enter the competition until we realized we’d have to create this courthouse on spot in one day, so we thought that was a little outside our wheelhouse. Then we decided a gingerbread courthouse would be a real cool Solstice party invitation.

We quickly realized a 3-D courthouse prooobably wasn’t going to be too realistic for us to pull off because it would have to be huge, kind of crazy, and include lots of round parts. We’re designers, but not quite gingerbread architects. Therefore, we opted for the flat gingerbread house with simple, tasteful white icing.

Step 1. We didn’t have an image of the courthouse that was straight-on, so we asked our fellow courthouse photographer, Alex Morgan, to bust out his drone and take a nice straight-on photo of the building. He did this for us in like 10 minutes because he rules.

Step 2. Marion got to work on outlining all of the details of the courthouse from the picture so we could use those as icing guides. This is crazy tedious work that takes forever, but she had fun with it. She also added some flair with cute little embellishments of wreaths and gingerbread men and ladies.

Step 3. Bake the gingerbread. Marion also completed this aromatic step flawlessly. We had a lovely gingerbread surface to work on that smelled SO good.

Step 4. Run to Ba’s Kitchen Konnection on North Main Street for piping bags and tips. If you haven’t been there, you need to go right now. They have the cutest collection of baking stuff! You can find all the random things for cakes you never even knew existed! It’s a magical little cake land in there.

Step 5. Turn on the Christmas tunes and ice that courthouse! This was the fun part. After a quick icing lesson from Sam and Glenn Tang from Black Pixel (who randomly stopped in and showed us how to properly separate egg whites and yolks) Marion and I spent most of a day icing that courthouse, so our hands became Hulk hands by the end of the day. We were really happy with how it turned out.

Step 6. Finish it up. Nick Basham snapped a photo of our creation. I then opened it in Photoshop and fixed all our icing imperfections. After that, I applied the background text and graphics I had previously designed in Illustrator. Ta-da! Solstice Open House invitation!

Step 7. Party at the Courthouse! Come out and have some fun with us at 6:00 p.m. on December 16! We hope to see you then!

If you plan on coming, please feel to bring an item from the list below to donate to United Caring Shelters. We’ll have donation boxes available at the party.

• Forks & Spoons, Soup Bowls
• Seasonings (Oil, Salt, Pepper, Butter, Garlic, etc.)
• Coffee, Sugar & Creamer
• Pop-top Fruit cups
• Deodorant, travel toothpaste
• Napkins, Toilet paper
• Bleach
• Antibacterial Cleaning Supplies
• Women’s Underwear
• Backpacks